How To Keep Your Skin Soft During Cold Weather

During the summer, having a soft golden glow can make you look really radiant and healthy, but once the nights start to get darker, it can take a toll on your skin.

Cold temperatures outside and central heating can dry your skin out, making it feel sore and chapped, while looking pale and pallid too.

Here’s a look at what you can do to keep your skin feeling soft and silky during the winter months.


Slip on Some Extra Night-Wear

The hours when you are asleep are perfect for treating your skin to an in-depth moisturizing session because there’s a slight rise in the core body temperature when you snooze, making it easier for the skin to absorb the cream.

However, being covered in a sticky cream isn’t ideal for a peaceful rest and there’s the dilemma of keeping your sheets clean.

The easy solution is to liberally cover your hands and feet with a rich moisturizer, and then slip on some cotton socks and gloves. This gives the cream the chance to really soak into the skin and has the added benefit of keeping your extremities feeling toasty too!

Treat Your Cream to Some Heat

moisturize-after-showerAfter you’ve had a shower it’s essential to moisturize well because the water can strip away essential nutrients from the skin.

Pick an oil-based cream to help retain as much moisture as possible; you might find it’s better to have different moisturizers for different seasons. During the winter look out for ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter and petroleum.

While you’re having your shower, stand your jar of cream in some hot water in the sink. This has the effect of warming the cream and making it easier to absorb.

Be Beautiful and Bronzed

Having a golden glow in the winter can really help you to feel and look your best, but it’s not easy if there’s no natural sunshine.

Rio Tanning Tablets are a good alternative and work with your body to provide a natural looking tan. One of the pros of using sunless tanning tablets is that you won’t be causing premature wrinkling or risking developing cancer, but you can still enjoy the same bronzed appearance.

Good quality tanning pills contain a whole host of natural ingredients which will help your skin to feel good from the inside out, providing nutrients as well as a beautiful glow.

Exfoliate for Maximum Radiance

In the winter months, it’s easy for dead skin cells to build up leaving your looking grey and tired.

Switching your cleanser to one which contains alpha hydroxy acids will help to promote cell turnover and will strip away the dead cells which clog the surface. Alpha hydroxy creams shouldn’t be used any more frequently than every other day, but they are still gentle enough to be effective without causing sensitive skin to flare up.

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