Why Some Users Stack Steroids

Stacks refer to the combination of anabolic steroids and non-steroidal substances in the course of on-cycle phase. Some athletes experiment with diverse stacking (combinations) or pyramiding (regimens), as they try to fine-tune the outcome. There are several reasons why some users stack steroids.

For those looking to build bigger muscles, there are several aspects involved in the process. For instance, sticking to a regular schedule and adopting an appropriate diet is absolutely necessary. While these might work in the end, having to spend several weeks at the gym and watching one’s diet like a hawk might not be helpful enough in bulking up to the desired size. As such, some users have resorted to incorporating steroid stacks in their exercise and diet regimens.

Benefits of Stacking Anabolic Steroids

According to scientific studies, stacking up on muscle building steroids provides synergistic effects. By stacking you will be able to obtain results that are by far greater than those you would usually get when you use only one steroid.

The following benefits are obtainable as a result of stacking:

Greater Muscle Growth

The ability to achieve faster results is the biggest benefit you will get from stacking steroids. For instance, many anabolic steroids help muscle tissues to preserve nitrogen thus causing the cells in the body to synthesis additional protein.

Having greater amounts of protein allows the body to grow more muscles than it naturally can since protein is the “building block” of muscle tissue. As such, the muscle development benefits of different steroids are combined through stack bulking, and remarkable results are delivered by putting the body into muscle growth overdrive.

Increased Strength

There are specific steroids that contain energy boosting properties. So, rapid increase in strength and endurance is another important benefit of steroid stacks. Having increased energy allows you to exercise harder during your workout sessions thus taking full advantage of your muscle gains.

Lessen Liver Stress

Steroids differ in potency and toxicity; there are some that are more powerful and toxic than other types. This is why they need to be used in moderation. It is recommended that the more potent steroids be used when it comes to jumpstarting gains made in muscle and strength and simultaneously stacking them with less powerful types. This enables you to proceed with your bulking cycle without straining the liver.

Regulate Hormonal Balance

There is a tendency of anabolic androgenic steroids throwing hormones off balance. For example, they normally overpower testosterone levels and as a result, cause them to fall below the ideal range.

Stacking steroids therefore enables you to lessen such side effects as you maximize the gains in lean mass and energy levels.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, a bulking steroid stack can act as a motivation booster the moment you notice the results they produce. Definitely, even the most enthusiastic bodybuilder can feel very discouraged on realizing that after training for weeks, he has nothing to show for it.

Some users such as veteran bodybuilders opt to stack steroids after failing to make additional gains and want to overcome stubborn plateaus.


There is a strong risk to reward ratio in all steroid cycles and stacks. The more you stack, the greater the gains; but on the other hand, the more you take the higher the risk. It is not possible to determine where the line that crosses over into high risk exists. This can only be determined by the anabolic steroids in use plus the unique genetic response of the user. Great care should be exercised.


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